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They then take a meandering, random journey around a park in Century City, which appears to have been remodeled since this video came out.It is as nondescript a location as you can possibly find in a music video, but maybe that helps us learn that strutting can be done anywhere.According to this extremely informative thread on - wait for it - soulstrut.com, the video starts out in front of the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, CA.Here's a map if you want to go and lay some flowers.

As of 2018, she has more than 2.75 million subscribers on her channel with 218 million views as of November 2018.In an interview with Bustle, she said she would create her own cosmetics line by 2019.Aina was awarded NAACP Image Award for "You Tuber of the Year" in January 2018.Aina uploads a demonstration video on You Tube where she did an ordinary makeup tutorial in black-and-white and subsequently told she put on the makeup of the wrong color. It's been so long in the music video world since we've had a music video that showcases this seemingly lost art form, even while strut-worthy songs like Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" sit high on our Billboard charts. Today we're going all the way back to 1987 to watch one of the strut classic, "Keep On Lovin' Me" by The Whispers.

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