A 23 and 37 year old dating

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"But I felt at ease with him so I started seeing him. He just makes you feel good."Kyle's mom Cecelia, who at the age of 50 is younger than both his girlfriends, doesn't seem to have a problem with her son's dating habits."As long as he's not hurting anybody I don't think it's anyone else's business," she reasons.it is wrong to date like that because you are so many years apart. There is a reason why he doesn't have a girlfriend his age. You are young and beautiful, don't waste your time, and find yourself a boyfriend your age.However if you really love each other then age doesnt matter. It's not illegal to date somebody no matter what the age difference is.However it is illegal to have underage sex and her parents might not be so happy about the five year age difference (especially since she is only thirteen).

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