Accomodating management style

The teacher then explains the concept and allows the young student to experience adding and subtracting, kinesthetically.Finally, the young student understands and a big smile is planted on both the student’s and the teacher’s face. As a teacher, it is so important to be committed to the success of each of your students.The struggle with this style is the tendency to minimize, deny, and avoid conflict altogether. They will accept blame just to bring peace to angry situations.Major conflict tends to grow worse when it isn’t addressed. The Teddy Bear: Accommodation The strength of this style is how likeable and lovable this person is in most situations. The struggle of this style is that a teddy bear may be taken advantage of, becoming a doormat.Every student who enters your classroom is different than the one who entered before, because they have different learning styles.Being able to accommodate every learning style will allow the opportunity for every student to learn without falling behind.

Often the fox is able to craft intelligent intermediate solutions. They are not tied to their way and tend to have an open mind for pragmatic solutions that create a win-win experience.In addition, math concepts can be understood through the use of Lego blocks.Show how math can create and build through this favorite toy block.The struggle is that owls must have two willing parties to collaborate.These parties must have high levels of communication skills and emotional intelligence.

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Visual students also learn effectively when vibrant colors are used to draw attention to important material on the board, helping them remember the information.

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