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You can get ideas like this to work without this assumption but it becomes harder to state your theorems or write your algorithms precisely.Lemma: Let X be any subset of the vertices of G, and let edge e be the smallest edge connecting X to G-X. Proof: Suppose you have a tree T not containing e; then I want to show that T is not the MST. Then because T is a spanning tree it contains a unique path from u to v, which together with e forms a cycle in G.

(Problem 4.3 of Baase is related to this assumption).

Kruskal's algorithm: sort the edges of G in increasing order by length keep a subgraph S of G, initially empty for each edge e in sorted order if the endpoints of e are disconnected in S add e to S return S Note that, whenever you add an edge (u,v), it's always the smallest connecting the part of S reachable from u with the rest of G, so by the lemma it must be part of the MST.

This algorithm is known as a greedy algorithm, because it chooses at each step the cheapest edge to add to S.

You want a set of lines that connects all your offices with a minimum total cost.

It should be a spanning tree, since if a network isn't a tree you can always remove some edges and save money.

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