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Imagine receiving an email from someone saying that they have installed malware on your computer and hijacked your webcam to capture videos of you using adult websites.

The sextortion email includes a ransom demand to be paid in bitcoin.

This adds a certain amount of credibility to the threat.

Do not pay the ransom Extortion is commonplace in the world of cybercrime as the growth of cryptocurrency has given criminals a safer and less traceable way of receiving funds from victims.

If you don’t pay up, the scammer claims they will send the video to a number of people on your contact list (which was supposedly harvested via the malware).

If the email contains a password that you currently use, immediately change it at any sites where it is currently used.

As noted above, the scammers probably found your credentials in a data breach.

You can check if your account has been compromised in a data breach by entering your email address at

Although plenty of stores still run "doorbuster" sales that require shoppers to actually show up (check out this from last year, for example), the online world has fully embraced Black Friday.

But it doesn't really go the other way: Brick-and-mortar sales typically run on Friday and that's it.

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Cyber sextortion scams, which rely on nothing more than a well-worded email, are becoming increasingly common as attackers look for easy ways to cheat people out of money.

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