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It’s rare that you find somebody that is beautiful, funny, and has an ability to be vulnerable, and Amanda has all those qualities, and it makes her brilliant.” What’s your take on the love-at-first-sight concept?Amanda Peet: “I personally don’t believe in love at first sight, but I definitely believe in chemistry and lust-at-first-sight.I definitely think with my career did that and was unkind to people as a result.

’ or ‘Don’t go to second base on the first date.’ I don’t think you should plan too much.I tried it once, but I didn’t even get into the restroom because I was flying on a plane with somebody and as soon as I got up and went over to the bathroom, it was weird trying to get two people in there, because there was like a moron convention going on around the bathroom door.There was never an opportune moment we were like ‘Everybody go to sleep on the plane! I was stuck and it’s really awkward.” What’s the difference between “love” and “a lot like love? Kutcher: “That’s a difficult question because I’m somewhat of a love cynic because I’m not really sure if its 100% attainable like everyday in the human form.Guys in general feel like they have to attain this certain personal status in their mind before they can be in a relationship: ‘I’m not who I am yet, I’m going to be who I am as soon as I get this, this and this, and then I wont have to worry about trading up.’ As a guy, you think about ‘Okay, I’m at this level in my life, so I can get this kind of girl, and when I get here I’m going to have to trade up, so why even go through it, just wait until I get there.’ The truth is that you’re never there, but you’re always there…And you create this illusion that you can’t possibly have both: If I’m investing this amount of time to do this, there’s not enough hours to do this as well.You ultimately find out, if you do that, all of this is going to fall apart because you need to have that balance.

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