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The League dating app is the Internet’s only dating app for ambitious singles who want towork their face off and achieve success.

Unlike sugar daddy dating apps whoseusers include male members who are already successful and female members who know how to use their assets to their advantage, The League is different because its users are ambitious men and women (many of them are wannabes).

I don’t want to financially support any woman because Idon’t think women should be spoilt.

I prefer marrying a successful lady who can make her own money and can financially support the household so that I don’t have to work my butt off in the future.” (Brad, 28, San Francisco)“Women on The League dating app are Spartans, whilst women on sugar daddy dating apps are Hos. I’ve tried both categories and I think dating a Ho makes my life more exciting; however, dating a Spartan makes my life much easier.” (Peter, 30, L.

I don’t want to date arrogant men.” (Amber, 25, New York City)“The League dating app isjust a waste of time.

I can get much better results on Seeking Arrangement –Seeking Arrangement is a similar platform (but its nature is a bit different) which offers online matchmaking as well as offline events, i.e. I’ll stick to Seeking Arrangement in the long run because men on SA are more mature, successful and wealthy, whereas men on The League dating app are just wannabes who can’t puttheir pride in the right place.” (Ann, 29, San Francisco)“The League is a great dating app because women on this appare very independent.

It’s not a hook-up app because most ambitious singles don’t have the time or the mental bandwidth for casual hook-ups – let’sbe honest – when you are thinking about your career all the time except when you are asleep, are you interested in casual hook-ups?

This profile will help people know what kind of person you are and what are your interests and expectations.

The most important of all tips is that the profile must be short and concise.

When I finally got my doctorate degree, I was double happy- for one, I was sure my career would now tread a stable trajectory and two, my dating life’d pick up and speed past the bumpy roads it had been long trudging on!

went places, my dating life hit rock bottom, nay fifty feet of sh*t beneath rock bottom and I nearly died of the stink.

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