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She featured in the New Zealand soap opera, In 2013, Anna joined the cast of Spartacus for the third season playing a lead role as Laeta, a Roman who was taken captive by Spartacus.

Right from childhood, she has always had an interest in the entertainment industry and this helped in pushing her to the top and today she is a known name.Anna who is very brilliant, multitalented and charming, mentioned in one of her interviews that hard work and dedication are the secrets to her success.She is one whom today we can use as a source of inspiration for those people especially youths who want to succeed in the field of entertainment.After her breakup with Jason Smith, Anna moved on with her life and started a relationship with Gillespie.They met in 2012 on the Melbourne film set of the Aussie rules football drama, which she was featured in.

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Right from childhood, she’s always had a fascination with the entertainment business and this assisted in pushing her into the very best and now she’s a famous title.

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