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Back in 2008, Efron used to talk about the glory days of and how it was one of his favorite shows to watch.

Efron talked about not being envious of the contestants as being thrown into the limelight that quick can be very emotionally frustrating.

Hopefully, a smile will come to your face when you find out who’s in his clique now.

Johnson went as far as to say that Efron is definitely in the top five for most attractive alive. But I continued to be optimistic, I mean who didn’t love the over-the-top performance that was Sharpay and Troy’s “You are the music in me,” Sharpay might’ve been hated, but she was sassy, bombacious and didn’t take flak from anyone. And off screen, Efron was caught giving Ashley Tisdale a birthday smooch that seemed to cement the “relationship” they had.

I won’t lie, it may be a little bit of a stretch to say they don’t contact each other at all anymore, but their friendship seems a whole lot more awkward especially with Tisdale tweeting out photos of a fake reunion.

It's sad to see Efron slowly abandon Tisdale, but you gotta make more friend time for people like The Rock.

, these two had some impressive chemistry that even continued off-screen for both actors (well, that got spicier then I intended it to sound).

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That's right, bring on the hate, Vanessa Hudgens fans.

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