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Although the absence of Lesa Lewis and Jerry Simpson from this season of Storage Wars: Texas has caused a lot of speculation, it's hard to ignore that they've been replaced by two rather attractive young women.

Professional Auction Hunters Ton Jones and Allen Haff bring their quest for treasure to auctions across America and sell their incredible finds for big profits.

The newest cast member of Auction Hunters, Carolyn Giannelli has been the subject of much speculation since her arrival on the show.

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It seems fitting that an episode in Hawaii, which is generally portrayed as both glamorous and relaxed, should be the appropriate place to introduce a new character.

Since the Hawaii episode, many fans have been commenting on the site's Facebook fan page or asking the Internet in general about the “hot girl on Auction Hunters,” which underscores the motives of the producers.

It's one of the topics that people sometimes shy away from when considering Hollywood and television, but it's a pretty well-known phenomenon that female celebrities are expected to look a certain way.

’ He started a high volume liquidation company which specializes in movie memorabilia and collectibles, named Hollywood & Vintage in 2008.

It was on November 9, 2010, that Spike announced the premiere of ‘Auction Hunters’ featuring Allen Haff and Clinton Jones.

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