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From their formation in 1881 and until the early 1900s the Old German Baptist Brethren were often referred to as "Old Order German Baptist Brethren".There are several different Brethren groups that are not related to the Schwarzenau movement, such as the Plymouth Brethren that arose in England and Ireland early in the 19th century through the labors of Edward Cronin and John Nelson Darby.Several branches were established, some of which still exist.A group called the Church of God or "New Dunkers" withdrew in 1848. In 1782 the Brethren forbade slaveholding by its members.The German Baptist Brethren changed their name to the Church of the Brethren in 1908.The most conservative members emphasized consistency, obedience, and the order of the Brethren.It rejects baptism of infants as a biblically valid form of baptism.It is one of several Schwarzenau Brethren groups that trace their roots to 1708, when eight believers founded a new church in Schwarzenau, Germany.

Peter Becker organized the first American congregation at Germantown, Pennsylvania, on December 25, 1723.A notable influence was Ernest Christopher Hochmann von Hochenau, a traveling Pietist minister.While living in Schriesheim, his home town, Mack invited Hochmann to come and minister there.The monastic feature and celibacy were gradually abandoned after the American Revolution.In 1814 the Society was incorporated as the Seventh Day German Baptist Church.

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