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Attention leads to a richer, more rewarding and meaningful life.

In the modern world, they shift our attention from the physical world to the virtual world.

While the temporary buzz we get from an email in our inbox, a comment on our latest post or retweet might feel good, it pails in comparison to the joy of flow which we can only experience when we’re deeply immersed in a cognitively demanding task.

In the same way, your body would feel amazing if you started eating salads instead of donuts, your mind feels fantastic when you replace distractions with deep work.

We have a limited number of things that we can pay attention to at any given moment which is just one of the many reasons why multitasking is so ineffective.

“At any one time, your attentional space should hold at most two key things that you are processing: what you intend to accomplish, and what you’re currently doing,” says Chris Bailey in his book Hyperfocus.

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