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The song appeared on the compilation album and the music video was nominated for Best Independent Music Video at the 2010 Much Music Video Awards.She is also featured on the soundtrack (songs "Ben" and "Climbing") for the 2008 Canadian film , released in 2009 by post-hardcore band Silverstein from Burlington, Ontario.Lights was awarded the 2009 Juno Award for New Artist of the Year.and two 2009 Astral Media Radio awards during Canadian Music Week.That was really beautiful because we worked with an arranger who could guide this pack of spring power through the soundscape of each song. It’s powerful to remember though, because I had to relearn singing [after giving birth].It was almost bringing me to tears because I was hearing my songs in a realm I never saw them in before. I had no diaphragm power, but three days later I was back in the studio. ’ But I guess there are a lot worse things that could happen on reality TV and it introduced me to a lot of great fans.As there was already a signed band named "Lights", having her name officially changed was a way to use it in spite of prior copyright.

As the daughter of missionary parents, Welsh mother, Virginia Poxleitner and Canadian father of German and Austrian descent, Eric Poxleitner, she spent her childhood in many parts of the world, including the Philippines, Jamaica, Ontario, and British Columbia.

What made you decide to start re-recording your material? They asked for it all the time and it was pretty much the reason I’d do any of the acoustic stuff in the first place.

As an electronic artist, I think you hear your lyrics totally differently when you hear them up close.

In 2009, Lights released her third single to Canadian radio stations called "Ice" with a homemade video released on her My Space.

She also released a second video for "Ice" in Canada on November 10, 2009.

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