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Welcome to Black and White Singles, a friendly, open and diverse online community for those who are interested in dating interracial or black white singles.The internet gives us a chance to meet thousands, if not millions, of people from different parts of the world.

More about our community The Black and White Singles community is a diverse mix of people from different walks of life with different sensibilities, aims, and values.

Online dating can be brilliant but browsing through Loads of profiles on a general dating site can become tedious after a while.

You may decide to give up, without ever having found the person who is out there, with Date Black Singles you can focus your time and energy on a community that is specifically designed around offering black people just like you the opportunity to approach black dating in a way that's comfortable, safe and enjoyable. You can set your profile up and be chatting to other members in a matter of minutes!

If you would rather take things slowly, developing a friendship, and leaving things open to a plethora of possibilities, Date Black Singles can help you with that, too. You shouldn't have to adhere to the extremely strict guidelines of how a website thinks you should meet black singles in your area.

What you should be able to do instead is meet the kind of people you want to meet, at the rate and in the way that you want to meet them.

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