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Mariam Bahawdory, whose parents immigrated from Afghanistan, felt frustrated with the cultural idea that men and women shouldn’t converse.In 2015, she launched the dating app ESHQ —“love” in Farsi.Cheyenne had just left a mixer hosted at the Islamic Center at New York University, a discreet way to allow single Muslims to meet and potentially form relationships. ”New York City offers a buffet of dating options, but the search for a significant other can still be tough for anyone.She’d been attending for a month, since she decided that she wants to marry a Muslim man. She’s had some conversations via the app, but one in particular highlighted an ongoing struggle: “I am not interested in any physical intimacy until marriage,” she told her prospective date. And for young Muslims trying to balance their desire for love with the expectations of their religion, the dating scene can be even harder.

The shayla is a recent addition to her wardrobe, a symbol of modesty reflecting her recent conversion to Islam.But after learning more about his first marriage, she says, “I think I’m more comfortable.”Nervous about a third engagement, Omar is relying on her parents for guidance.They’ve essentially given the green light to the relationship, and things are progressing: Omar’s relative, Sara, said the man’s parents are already looking to buy gold, which is customarily given to a bride by the groom’s family.Learning more about the diverse community of Muslims and the way they’re expected to conduct themselves throughout the marriage process is a good way to better understand this modern religion.All Muslims belong to a community of believers called the ummah.

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But for young American Muslims, whose parents and grandparents adhered to more traditional and strict family obligations in dating, or had arranged marriages, the pull of familial expectations can be strong.

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