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Book Keychain This keychain that looks like a tiny book will ensure your book lover can always have a book with them (even if they can’t read it).Book Lover Badges These three 1-inch pins are an easy way to wear your book love on your chest.All funds raised are donated to One World Schoolhouse during this fun dating’ campaign. And remember, like any good date, In January 2015, I ran 52 miles in Grenada.A Special Thank You Our friend and constant supporter, Dale Rutherford, came up with this creative campaign idea and took the initiative to motivate others to host their own parties! Any Amount Counts So often we fall into the trap thinking we need to raise extraodrinary amounts to make a difference. If 52 people hosted just one party and raised in an evening, that would really add up…in fact, to 60.00. Let me dismiss athletic motives; it so happens 52 miles gets you all the way around the island.You will always be the second love of their lives, and they might forget you once in a while because they got a little too absorbed in their book, but that's exactly what makes a book lover so adorable. The many, many, characters your partner reads about and their complexities constantly push the limits of his/her understanding of the world. Their conversations are littered with references to the books they read, and they can go on talking endlessly about their favourite books and authors! Did you know that Google estimated the total number of books in the world to be around Books open up windows for the soul, and a book lover is sure to peek through.Or check out our 22 Pieces of Flair to Show How Much You Love Books for more possibilities.Book Lover Pencils Treat Yo’ Shelf to these sleek black pencils with slogans about the love of books.

Personalized Bookends Keep books in place and looking lovely with a personalized oak bookend with a built in vase.

Even if you never really pick up their books yourself, you'll definitely be better informed about the world than before.

Let's face it, they spend hours together pouring themselves over books, patiently waiting for stories to unfold.

Don’t worry about hard feelings or awkward breakups either. Invite your fellow bibliophiles over for a fun evening where they bring at least one book wrapped in paper with only a few key words written on the outside to entice someone to take it on a reading date.’ Ask your party goers to chip in a small donation as you eat, drink, enjoy some fun literacy-based games, and of course experience many bouts of laughter.

Books can be purchased for each — a great way to up-cycle your paperback or hardcover friends.

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This list of great gifts for book lovers (that aren’t books) will give you a place to start your shopping.

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