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Even if she (and he) insists that she wants to go as just friends, you definitely have a prom dilemma on your hands. First of all, you should talk to your boyfriend and tell him exactly how you feel.If you’re going to be in a relationship with someone, you should be open and honest with them. He has to know how you’re feeling; that way he’ll be more likely to understand why you don’t want him to go to another girl’s prom.To me, your boyfriend going to prom with another girl would be like him going on a date with another girl. They’re going to ride in a limo or car together, eat dinner together, dance together, and hang out together for a few hours after dark.Even if he says she’s just asking him “as a friend,” it still makes me cringe a little.

But I think it's his problem to handle since it's his living situation.Unfortunately, your long distance factors in again on your ability to be involved—it would be hard to get your message across the right way and so awkward for everyone if you sent an email to Michelle telling her to back off, especially if your boyfriend has specifically asked you not to cause problems.However, if you let him know that it makes you uncomfortable, even though you trust him, he should hopefully take your feelings into account, and make some effort to deal with the situation. Other uncomfortable roomie situations: Awkward Alert! Roommate's Constant Sexy Times Ruined This College Woman's Year. My Boyfriend Talks About My Roommate During Sex True Dating Confession: My Guy Roommate Found My Vibrator!If she had gotten him something more personal or extravagant, it would be totally inappropriate, but if she's just providing a little candy for the apartment, I wouldn't let it drive you crazy—unless there's more to the story, like she wrote a romantic note with it or implied she wanted him to eat the chocolates off her naked body.wandering around in front of him naked and not respecting his privacy, is more concerning.

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