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The possible values are: 1 - Element 2 - End Tag 4 - Text 8 - Comment 16 - White Space 32 - Cdata 64 - Processing Instruction 128 - Document Type Element Type End Tag Type Text Type Comment Type White Space Type CData Type Processing Instruction Type Doctype Type These properties contain constant values which can be used to compare the Node Type property result with the Read Type method.

Name It returns the name of the current node obtained through the method Read or Read Type.

If there is a DTD defined in a declaration, it will load the DTD and process the DTD declarations such that default attributes and general entities will be made available.

General entities are only loaded and parsed if they are used (expanded).

The possible values are the following: 4 Validation by means fo XDR (Only C#) When the automatic validation is selected, the behavior is the following (extracted form the .

NET documentation): If there is no DTD or schema, it will parse the XML without validation.

Value It returns the value of the current node obtained through the method Read or Read Type.

The basic idea is this: There is a Read() method that behaves like a cursor moving forward through the file one node at a time.

Using some properties, such as Name and Value, it is possible to obtain the nodes data -in this case, its name and value.

Read Type( [, Name Constraint]) As in the method Read(), this method moves forward to next node but only if the indicated constraints are fulfilled.

It returns a whole value greater than zero if a node was read; otherwise it returns zero.

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Err Line Number; Err Line Pos In case Err Code is different than zero, these properties return the line number and position within it respectively.

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