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I’ve lost family, I’ve lost friends, I’ve lost everything,” he said.READ MORE: Court delays in Canada ‘regarded as the norm’ say senators Testimony ended on Thursday.Hankey also falsely reported the theft of the laptop to the Skagit police.In April of 2013 another teacher notified the district of a blog which "referred to the respondent using the school for phone sex." The decision found Hankey had accessed the school late at night on approximately 35 occasions to make the calls.It includes those who are not married, but live together, and parents of children whether they live together or not.Cochrane Family and Community Support Services • Supports provided through FCSS help to encourage, strengthen, and stabilize family and community life.The complainant, now 24, was a teenage girl at the time of the alleged incidents and her identity is protected by a publication ban.

On cross-examination, crown prosecutor Pam Mc Cluskey prodded Desmarais on why he never reported his interactions with the complainant to a superior.“You’re not suspicious enough to report this to a supervisor,” asked Mc Cluskey.“I rarely reported anything,” said Desmarais.

“I always handled my own situations.”Desmarais testified that in September 2009, the girl boarded his bus and proceeded to tell him that because she was now of age, she would get a hotel room for the two of them.“I said ‘sorry, I’m a married man. He said she told him, “I can make you do this.”READ MORE: Retired Calgary bus driver testifies in his own defence at sexual assault trial Under cross-examination Wednesday, the alleged victim disagreed with Blumer’s assertion that the hotel room conversation ever happened.“You said, ‘this is going to happen, this will happen, I get what I want, you will find out (what happens) when I don’t get what I want,'” Blumer posed to the woman.“I’m not a vindictive person,” said the woman.

“That’s not how I treat people or talk to them.”After the motel room conversation, Desmarais testified he was involved in a motor vehicle accident with the bus, crashing into a motorcycle.“I couldn’t drive,” Desmarais said “I told (Calgary Transit) I’m having a nervous breakdown, so they gave me a week off to relieve my stress.”Desmarais testified the final time the alleged victim rode his bus, he said she was insistent on wanting to have sex.“We’re going to do this, we’re going to have sex,” he said she told him.“I said ‘if you ever get on my bus again, I will push this red button (referring to a button on the bus dashboard which engaged a camera) and it will record every word you say.'”As Mc Cluskey wrapped her cross-examination, she asked Desmarais if he saw himself as a victim.“Yes, I do, because I’ve lost everything.

• Core services include crisis intervention, counselling, education, outreach, police and court support. Awo Taan Healing Lodge • Crisis shelter (up to 21 days) for abused women, with or without children.

• Services include advocacy, counselling, referrals, healing circles, access to sweats, outreach services, home visits, emergency food hampers, and court support.

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