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In such a case, the form can be submitted automatically, without the victim's knowledge (e.g. Upon clicking on the malicious link or submitting the malicious form, the XSS payload will get echoed back and will get interpreted by the user's browser and execute.

An attacker can abuse this by luring the client to click on a link such as It is quite possible that other DOM objects can be used too, particularly if the DOM is extended.

Non-Persistent Attack Example Many web portals offer a personalized view of a web site and may greet a logged in user with In the example above we see that the username "Joe" is stored in the URL.

The resulting web page displays a "Welcome, Joe" message.

Consider an HTML web page which embeds user-supplied content at client side, i.e. When the page is rendered and the data is processed by the page (typically by a client side HTML-embedded script such as Java Script), the page's code may insecurely embed the data in the page itself, thus delivering the cross-site scripting payload.

For example: Assume that the URL In this example the Java Script code embeds part of document.

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