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"He has never had a steady girlfriend." Cher has even tested the lesbian waters. " Nowadays, Cher is very quiet about her dating life.But admits it would require a truly unique guy to be with her."And I said, 'Yes, if you have ,000.' But they said no." Then things suddenly changed. ' and I said, 'Because [Letterman] is very smart and funny but he can be so cruel if he doesn't like the people.'" When Cher finally got on the show and revealed that Letterman covered her expensive hotel bill, he quipped it was all a ruse."If you think this show will cover that hotel bill, you were sadly misled," he dished.and you're still an a**hole." in 1999, the star opened up on her daily struggles with the learning disability. "I have kind of a photographic memory because of it.

"But I'm at an age where I'm making peace with it because you just have to. But, there's unresolved stuff, for sure." Above all, he's still loves his mom and is a fan. "I had a little problem with her over Sonny, but that didn't take her too long to get over," Cher said.

"There are a few people," Cher started with Although Cher seemingly loves all guys, she was not a fan of David Letterman for years, whom she famously called an "a**hole" on air.

During a spring 2017 concert in Maryland, Cher turned back the hands of time to revisit her infamous feud with the late-night talk show host.

As the story goes, per , Letterman wanted Cher to appear on the show and worked for over four years to make it happen.

"I had a ,000 hotel bill and Dave Letterman had always asked me to be on his show," Cher said at the concert. "The producers said, 'Why did you never want to be on the show before this?

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