Chinese dating white men

I’ve never liked small talk with strangers, not because I’m an introvert, but because as an Asian person there are always the same inane questions people insist on asking to start a conversation.

From “you don’t look American so where are you really from? ” — I’ve heard it all to the point that none of these questions amuse or annoy me anymore, I’m too tired to even react to them because they simply bore me.

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Let me put it bluntly: When it comes to dating, it sucks to be an Asian male in the US.

But of course, the taxi driver was not alone in assuming this status.

Two years ago, I was at a small house gathering in college when I decided to step out for some fresh air.

“I’m kind of known around here for having yellow fever.” Did she want praise? What kind of person starts off a conversation like that? I don’t get it; mixed babies are so much cuter,” she said looking slightly disgusted.“I can’t be racist, I’m dating/married to an Asian!” Let’s be clear, being racist and dating a person of color are not two mutually exclusive things.17% of US newlyweds were in interracial marriages in 2015, which is a stark increase from the 3% in 1967. That means more than 80% of marriages in the US are still within the same race.Plus, there’s another catch…For an Asian guy to actually marry a white women, he has to jump through a of hoops.

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