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Now one would assume if these men existed anywhere, they would be within the four walls of the church.

However, it seems as if much of the male population in our Sunday gatherings have given themselves over to the criteria of the culture, instead.

Which in turn, has led many single Christian women toward feelings of hopelessness and to even question if their spiritual standards are unreasonable.

Below, is my attempt to help Christian women know what they’re actually looking for.

We live in a time of male escape artists—men who are so incredibly proficient at explaining away the jurisdiction of Scripture and are finding ways to justify a variety of unbiblical behaviors that you, as a woman, must be capable of identifying.

So, what does this have to do with finding a godly man?

The shedding of adolescence should occur between the ages of 13 to 16. A man who hasn’t moved out or cannot pay his own bills is a man unable to prove his ability to care for a wife.

1 Timothy 5:8 says, “ A biblical man, however, has prepared himself for the care of a bride. You’re looking for a man who has learned how to separate the differences between his needs and his wants.

In other words, a twenty-something male raging with natural testosterone and a healthy sex drive, yet decides to postpone marriage by embracing a 2-3 year dating period followed up by the hesitancy of a proposal. Either he is a rare, incredibly cautious and self-controlled young man or he fits the statistics—meaning he’s releasing himself in front of a computer screen.

Sadly, the latter seems to be the case for most relationships today.

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  1. But one thing: Don't get too personal with the questions, like asking about our exes or sexual history, and don't make us feel like we're filling out an IRS form with rapid-fire basics.