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Giving examples to help us understand better the various personalities is a big boon for those who are struggling to find their dream woman.

Because of your book, I am now a more confident man, who has aims in life to fulfill. On one hand, we have Christian leaders telling us how important our relationships are, but nobody ever teaches EXACTLY how to start, develop and maintain a relationship in a practical way.

Hours were spent sifting through thousands of pages of notes, re-reading books, and recalling priceless conversations I had over the years with other Christian guys.

Continuous testing took place, as I carefully observed the results of the techniques that now make up this exclusive manual.

Dear Brother in Christ: Cougar Dating Tips For the past 7-plus years, I have been studying, observing and trying virtually everything that I could get my hands on that was even remotely related to dating and relationships -- learning all of the little secrets that few knew, and even fewer who would tell you about them.

Let me tell you, all of the time, effort and money has paid off handsomely.

It's not merely to fill a void in your life and shouldn't be treated as that or you'll never find your true love.

The first chapter teaches you how to become one with yourself and seek security and validation from the Lord.

You'd be able to increase your chances for success to a level that you never even thought possible before!Where else would I share such a wide array of intimate moments with one person? Space, money, parenting responsibilities, highs, lows, personal time, a bed . Somewhere between the end of our meal and the waitress returning a receipt to be signed, we asked him what advice he had for us.He paused, smiled, and looked down for a moment to thoughtfully consider his response.

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