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Our father’s bold and entirely justified actions to disrupt the enemy’s ability to wage war against our troops saved countless American lives.

So, too, did the 60-day incursion into Cambodia our father ordered on April 30, 1970.

It is not true that President Nixon continued the war for his own political benefit.

In fact, there’s no doubt that an immediate withdrawal of our 540,000 troops in Vietnam on the day he took office would have served his immediate political interests.

As William Bundy, a senior State Department official in the Johnson administration, later admitted, there was “no great chance for peace” in November 1968.

In fact, LBJ’s October 31st bombshell announcement gave North Vietnam a major military advantage.

But it also would have dishonored our commitment to the freedom of South Vietnam for which 37,563 Americans had already died.

Furthermore, it would have devalued America’s credibility to friend and foe alike, with dire diplomatic and military consequences for Asia and the world.

And each of these false contentions dismisses the will of the American people, who re-elected our father with an historic 49-state majority over an opponent who vehemently opposed our father’s Vietnam strategy.President Nixon wound down America’s involvement in Vietnam to give the people of South Vietnam the chance to live in freedom.To suggest that he strung out the war is flatly wrong.It also confirmed America’s bipartisan commitment, dating to the Truman administration, to resist Communist expansionism.His willingness to take strong action affirmed that America would keep its word, making possible his historic opening to China and ultimately leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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