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3.5 Land consolidation now encompasses activities of village renewal.Projects include providing adequate land for new houses and workplaces to improve living and working conditions.3.7 Land consolidation projects have also served to modernise tenure arrangements by eliminating outdated rights of use, including some rights of access, grazing, hay-making, timber-felling, fishing and boating, and the extraction of peat, clay and sand.3.8 In early consolidation projects the resettlement of farmers was often considered important.

An overall objective of early projects was thus to increase the net income from land holdings by increasing the volume of production and decreasing its costs.

This chapter illustrates the wide range of rural development objectives, ranging from agricultural improvement to village renewal and landscape development and protection, which can be addressed through land consolidation projects.

It describes various land consolidation approaches and concludes with an overview of conditions that should be put in place before land consolidation projects can be undertaken.

b) Precise definition of the area and scope of the project. d) Handling of objections related to boundaries, ownership and valuations.a) Preparation of the draft consolidation plan showing the new parcel layout, location of new roads and other public facilities, and identifying those roads and facilities which will be removed.

c) Preparation of cost-estimate and schedule for the project. e) Preparation of cost-sharing formula.a) Identification or adjudication of boundaries and the legal status of parcels, including lease rights, mortgages, and easements or servitudes. b) Presentation of several plan alternatives with cost-benefit and environmental impact assessments.

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