Cost standard system updating

Money spent up front will save you time and money down the road.

I have been messing with sprinkler systems for over 25 years and now that I do it professionally, I have seen it all.

Or am I condemned to letting 7 mature oak trees (and the rest of the existing plants) die?

If your installer does not have these numbers for you find someone that will provde it before attempting the installation. High pressure does not equate to unlimited sprinkler heads on a valve.To replace a sprinkler head we charge 45$ a pop up and 65$ per rotor head. any new control is 350$ line repairs or onsite quotes.Does anyone on this forum believe these are good prices.Your PSI makes a huge difference in the planning of your system. If you have a main line installed, adding a high pressure regulator at the sprinkler valve manifold would be the way to go. Probably money you didn't expect to spend when you thought of sprinklers.Somebody with a low PSI might want to consider having a main supply line branched off the house main BEFORE the regulated pressure for the house. However, if done correctly, you should only need to do basic maintenance on your sprinklers throughout the years.

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The sprinkler system has a 3 year part and labor warranty. 1 inch dca bfp $5001in pres reducing valve 300$$28 rotary head mpr x 80.00= 22408 spray head 4 inch x 40=320.00Valve 1 in incl pipe fitting 5 at 130 = 650.00 then $ 300 for click and 120 rain sensor.. I've had way higher quotes and lower quotes than this. He had said he charges 650.00 zone on first conversation... The average cost of a sprinkler system is between 450 to $500 per Zone this includes labor.

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