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News, "They are definitely going to get married." Instead of heading down the aisle, though, the pair went straight to splitsville.

A month before the breakup was made official in April 2018, Lambert alluded that all was not well during a concert in Knoxville.

"You've got to take the bad parts and put them on paper," she told the paper, "and then move on to the happy parts."But even she had no idea how soon the happy parts would arrive.

Because by this past November she'd be meeting New York City police officer Brendan Mcloughlin, a man she'd rush down the aisle with some two months later, declaring him the "love of her life." For the 35-year-old, set to take the stage in Nashville tomorrow night alongside Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, George Strait, Keith Urban and others all paying tribute to legend Loretta Lynn in honor of her 87th birthday, Before Lambert was one half of a country music power duo, she was just a teenager in love with Jeff Mc Manus, a fellow musician two years her elder.

"Love is a hard road sometimes and it's been a roller-coaster ride for me, but I'm definitely thankful for all the ups and downs because I've had some really good songs come out of it," she told in August.

Among the declines: the end of her four-year marriage to Blake Shelton that turned out to be a little messier than both had hoped when they quietly separated in the summer of 2015, finalizing the details of their divorce before the public even knew there was a chink in the country music power couple's armor.

"Stacy was devastated at first," said an insider, "but now she's getting by just fine." Happily single after her pairing with Felker somehow dissolved, Lambert met Brendan Mc Loughlin, 27, on Nov.Then, 30 minutes later we're calling each other and acting like it never happened." As they prepped for a joint 2008 tour "mainly because we wanted to see each other more often," as Shelton put it to one Michigan audience, the couple opened up about how tough their initial days of long-distance were."There were times early on there that—I know that she did and I know that I did—we were just ready to give up on it and walk away from it because there's nothing easy about having a relationship doing what we do," he shared with CMT News."It's funny how you rehearse those things and go over what you want to say, but I probably screwed it up," Shelton told cohort Cee Lo Green) turned up at the Don Strange Ranch in the bride's home state to see the duo make it official the following May.The groom wore jeans; the bride, her mother's old wedding gown and everyone enjoyed a meal of venison the couple hunted themselves.

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And then there was her recent controversial romance with fellow musician Evan Felker, a man going through his own sudden divorce from his new bride.

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