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She does not live her life in fear of what people might say.” Van Holt, who plays Cox’s ex-husband, also quickly learned to take the rumors in stride. “Don’t take it seriously and don’t listen.” Teasing from his castmates helped relieve any pressure, said Van Holt. ’ ” But that didn’t stop producer Bill Lawrence from cutting to the chase Wednesday night. I am not associated with Courteney or her management.He (jokingly) put Cox and Hopkins on the spot in front of the live audience, asking them point-blank if they were dating. All information and material found on this site is for entertainment purposes only.

News confirmed that the duo were inseparable during a holiday party.Courteney, 46, was rumored to be dating co-star Brian van Holt but he was not spotted on her family beach vacation.Welcome to Courteney Cox Online, your number one source for actress Courteney Cox since 2006.I don't recommend divorce in general, but you know, he is my best friend and we've both grown and changed and I think we both appreciate each other more. I do." Arquette did, however, spill the beans on Van Holt and his ex-wife in 2010 to Howard Stern on his radio show.He explained that he confronted Cox about Van Holt but that she invariably denied having an affair."I do believe her," he told Stern.

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reports that "they've been going out for about six months" and that the two "acted like boyfriend and girlfriend" during their dinner outing.

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