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In 1967, the first Rally in Rwanda was organized by Mr. In1970, the 4th Rwandan Rally is organized by the A. R and the 2nd 12 Hours of Butare Rally by the Lions Club. Whereas the National Championship has the honor of a 100 % female team: Nathalie Cox et Sylvia Vindevogel on their Toyota Corolla 16S who are Rwanda Rally Champions 2003.Faarup and Vandijk in collaboration with the Round Table. R and the Round Table organize the 3rd Rwandan Rally, and in November the A. 2004, the « stronger gender » reacts and imposes itself once more.Holiday accommodation Croatia, holiday accommodation Dalmatia. Summer accommodation Croatia, summer accommodation Dalmatia accommodation Croatia Trogir Tourism and accomodation in Croatia - Island of Krk.

Each sponsor received a team of 2 or 3 rally cars and the cars were scoring points for their team and sponsor and a special challenge called the “Irushanwa Challenge” had to be win at the end of the rally. In 1984, during the General Assembly gathered in Paris, the “Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile” pronounces the affiliation A. In 2002, still under the patronage His Excellency the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Mr. R continues this way until 1982, when the Club applies as a member of the “Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile” and organizes the 10th Rwandan Rally. The South African teams Burger-Swannepoel win the event and the FIA title of African Rally Champion in Rwanda, and completes the success of the event.Sokobanja is situated between mountains Ozren (117 m) and Rtanj (1560 m), on the riverbanks of Moravica, at the height of 400 m above the sea level. It is one of the most often visited resorts in the country, and belongs to a group of renowned If you want to spend a peacefull vacation, enjoying a beautifull nature, take a look at these pages and see what we can offer to you.Come to our beautiful house, enjoy healthy domestic food, clean sea and see the mediterranian as it once in Croatia apartments in Trogir apartments in Dalmatia.

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For the first time since 1967, a Rwandan competitor claims the Navigator’s Rwandan Rally Championship title.

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