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As a perennial user, I had found a few boyfriends online, been dumped more than a time or two, and had my fair share of truly miserable first dates.So the talk made me more grateful to be with my guy.Could social science provide the clues to finding true love?The “Science of Seduction” write-up was full of tantalizing promises, stating that Ariely would answer such burning questions as: “Do opposites attract?Hey guys, Just wanted to check in and say a quick hello. Things have been INSANE over here in the past few months - stay tuned for some really EXCITING news. Here are our five favorite Facebook status updates. Proving that life lessons are the best teacher, Ariely opened with a simple exercise to demonstrate the power of assortative mating.Helpers fanned out and placed a sticky on the head of each participant.

I arrived early to claim my seat and was quickly joined by an array of singles and couples, including several of Ariely’s cheerful graduate students.

By virtue of studying the numbers dotting the foreheads of those opposite me, I knew my place in the pecking order: a solid seven. This exercise demonstrated what all of us have experienced in real life: The football jock typically goes for the blond and bubbly cheerleader with the perfect curves, rather than the teenage goth with the bad attitude and skin to match. With a wealth of online platforms – Match.com, e Harmony, Ok Cupid, Plenty of Fish (now POF.com™) Tinder, Grind R, and JDate, to name but a few – love should now just be a numbers game.

After being rejected by a 10, I got lucky and paired up with a thin blond earringed hipster who was an eight. Process enough people, and you’re sure to find a match.

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