Dating a daddys girl

I couldn’t forgive her for drinking, yelling, neglecting me and putting me in danger.

There was the time she drove the wrong way over the bridge at the intercoastal waterway in Pompano Beach. She was an absentee parent, and I laughed in her face whenever she tried to “lay down the law.” She didn’t have the first idea of how to raise a teenager, and both of us knew it. Spending weekends at the motel with him made up for all the turmoil with my mother.

She asked me to call her my “second mother.” I agreed but knew I’d never do it.

I barely even referred to my own mother as “mother.”At the end of the night, everyone went out to the hotel lobby where there was a grand piano.

If I wasn’t so jealous of her, maybe we could someday be friends.

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One word spoken from my jealous heart could strain their relationship forever.

I nodded and smiled politely and hid my ammunition, yet kept it ready to use at any time.

It was always me and my dad for as long as I could remember.

He traveled across the country twice just to be near me, once from California to New York and then from New York to Florida to the dismay of my mother.

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The pictures that came later would provide evidence of my drunkenness.

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