Dating a divorced man with two kids

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After the divorce is final and your man is ready to remarry, it's time to go from a "me" to a "we." Unlike marrying the first time, a second marriage typically involves a host of pre-existing issues.

These may include the economic strain of spousal support, an emotional attachment to an ex or his children from the previous relationship.

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Before the wedding, sit the kids down and speak to them about what role they want to play in the ceremony.

If the word "family" makes you think of two people and a child, think again.

While there are a variety of different types of families -- such as blended and same-sex -- the first step to building any family is a union or commitment between two people.

If you're having a baby with your new guy, reassure his kids that they won't get pushed to the side, and involve them in the pregnancy or ask them to help you with basic baby care.

Your new husband wasn't the only who was in his previous marriage.

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