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It makes me want to re-evaluate my research on subjects about which I am less well informed.Do these other subjects contain as much garbage online as the subject of antique furniture does?I previously covered this little myth fairly well in this space but the feeding frenzy continues.One product claims to be unique because it has blended beeswax, lemon oil and specially designed mineral oil to provide a combination polish and wood conditioner that is fed into the wood during application, providing a true wood feeder.

By the way the product will also get rid of “alligatoring” and “crazing” in old varnish finishes according to the claims.

I agree that in many cases the refinishing of a piece of furniture can lower its value but that is not ALWAYS the case. In some cases refinishing actually enhances the value. By simply applying the product, waiting a few minutes and wiping it clean the original finish is claimed to be reattached and strengthened.

That process is sometimes called “amalgamation” and is a common technique used by restoration artists.

To further reinforce the fact that the product is probably simply thinned out varnish is another use for it touted on the site.

It states that if the finish is completely worn off two applications of the product will seal and smooth the surface. Like most things that sound too good to be true, this probably is.

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