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And yes, mind-blowing is definitely the right word for an American man experiencing South America for the first time. It rejuvenated my focus to keep plugging away at online income until I’m free to travel at length and truly submerge myself in another culture instead of just a one-week teaser trip.

It felt so simple and organic to capture and hold the attention and affection of a Brazilian girl compared to an American girl.

Not just the obvious temperatures but the culture and people as well.

Everything about Brazil is just warmer than the cold materialistic atomized West.

He recently took his first trip abroad and agreed to sit down and answer some of my questions about his time in…Brazil.

I think we all have that faraway land we idealize in our own head for some time until we finally make a point to see it for ourselves. So fair warning, I probably had rose-colored glasses on for parts of the trip.

I think when it comes to meeting a date off the internet, flakiness is pretty much universal.

Fortunately, dating in America has more than braced me for this.I never flake on friends, but if it’s a girl from a dating app then I just embrace the flakey culture.I flaked on a few dates myself on the nights when I was too tired and didn’t feel like it.I turned 29 last month and had never been out of the country, with the exception of Americanized tourist traps from a Caribbean cruise I went on in college.So I was itching to see what else was out there beyond the American bubble. warmer than it is in America where family and relationships are de-prioritized in place of career and consumerism.

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