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Prior to making a play for a colleague, work out the following - however hard it is to be. Dating a Married Man - Buzzle Web Portal: Intelligent Life on the Web .The serial dater: Dating a work colleague | Life and style. Should you discuss your relationship with Human Resources or your boss (this will depend on the company and the job posts you both hold). If not then discuss how you should answer any questions should anyone get curious or suspicious and how to handle things if your secret becomes known. If you do choose to make your relationship public knowledge then Keep it Professional. Nobody gets into a relationship anticipating a break up but they do happen so how will you handle things if your relationship doesn’t work out?Don’t use your company computers to send love emails to each other, don’t sit in meetings holding hands under the table or meet in the stationary cupboard for a quick snog. Consider other people’s feelings, you may be madly in love and can’t keep your hands off each other but other people are just going about their work and don’t need to be distracted. Do you work in different departments and can therefore avoid each other or is your secretary suddenly going to start slamming files down on your desk and rushing out in tears?

Dating someone you work with can really change your whole attitude towards your job. Answers I dont know how to explain this, but I mean a person that you usually just see randomly in class, or at work. Flirting at work with a guy - Flirting dating How to Date a Co-Worker - Isabella Snow on Hub Pages Dating work colleagues, is it a bad idea?

Even where favouritism is not an issue, if your relationship is known then accusations will usually lead in that direction.

However, love finds us where it can and sometimes we have to make life choices that are not just about our career.

To begin with dating a colleague can give you a thrill and for once.

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