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They could take their own decisions and dictate their own terms in life.

This independence could well be the reason for why some women have developed commitment issues.

Does it seem a little weird that it's a she running away from commitment, rather than a he in the above instance?

As times changed and women began to become self-sufficient, they no longer needed men for financial support.If a girl has closely observed a bad marriage or witnessed an abusive relationship which had instances of domestic violence, bitter fights and insulting words being hurled.As a result, she might associate marriage or relationships as being bad, something that leads to a lot of pain.Having ridiculous expectations from a person is one other factor that can key you in on a woman who has commitment issues.If the list of 'Must haves' is way too long and complicated, there's a chance that it might never get fulfilled, thus saving her the effort of committing to a relationship.

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If she grows up with this thought process, she might be scarred for life and never be able to commit to someone for the fear of things going bad.

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