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‘Real love isn’t flawless – relationships will always have their ups and downs and everyone’s dating journey is different.

‘It’s important to remember what we see on social media is just a glimpse into someone’s life and not the whole unfiltered picture.’ The research showed that the more we use our social media accounts the worse we feel.

University of Oxford professor and evolutionary anthropologist Dr Anna Machin said: ‘Humans naturally compare themselves to each other.

‘But what we need to remember is that each of our experiences of love and relationships is unique to us and that is what makes human love so special and so exciting to study; there are no fixed rules.

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The research reveals these ‘perfect’ partnerships left many feeling jealous or trying to portray their own relationship as great even if things are not going well.‘So try to look at these images as what they are, aspirational, idealised views of a moment in a relationship which sit some way from the reality of everyday life.’ The study was carried out to celebrate’s ‘Love With No Filter’ event, which featured artwork exploring whether social media is killing our perception of real expert Kate Taylor added: ‘It’s scary when the pressure to appear perfect leads Brits to feel they need to craft an idealised picture of themselves online.Those who admitted to heavy use of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – checking more than ten times a day – were twice as likely to feel low self-esteem (18% vs 8%).If you do find yourself spending a lot of time online, try to wean yourself off or try to go cold turkey with a social media detox for a short amount of time. There is also plenty of material online and in books about how to stop social media addictions.

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