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The Serb population has decreased since Croatian independence from Yugoslavia and the war that began in 1991.In 1981, Serbs accounted for approximately 17 percent of the population. The Croatian language has three major dialects, identified by three different words for "what"—sto, kaj, and ca.They do not refer to themselves as a Balkan country but as a European one.Croatia occupies approximately 21,825 square miles (56,540 square kilometers).

Croatian and related Southern Slav languages are modern versions of the languages of the Slavic peoples who moved into the lands of the former Yugoslavia around 500 Today, language is an important part of personal and group identity, but historically the Croatian language was not always spoken by a majority of Croats.In 1997, when the region was restored to Croatian administration, most Krajina Serbs left for Serbia, where many now live as refugees.The Roman Catholics of Herzegovina identify with the Croatian national culture.Croats make up 78 percent of the population and are the dominant ethnic group.Serbs account for 12 percent, and the remaining 10 percent includes Bosnians, Hungarians, and Slovenes as well as a very small number of Jews and Kosova Albanians.

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