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2002 cymbals helped define the sound and music of generations of drummers, and for them, the 2002 is a legendary piece of music history.

For us, “2002” has become synonymous with a family of series: the .

Superior quality percussion instruments and drum sets are what we strive to provide here at Drum Center of Portsmouth.

That is why our inventory includes an impressive selection of Paiste cymbals.

Paiste has worked tirelessly for more than a century to create innovative new sounds with products that are long-lasting and versatile.

No matter what style you might work in as a musician, the wide range of Paiste products are sure to have something that will be a beneficial addition to your drum set.

Their greatly reduced volume is perfect for any time you need quiet cymbals.

It is a safe assumption that there is a perfect Paiste cymbal out there for everyone, just waiting to be found.

These series are as much celebrated cymbal sounds and icons of music culture, as they are an ongoing quest: the repeated effort to find new sound qualities in a pioneering bronze alloy and the relentless pursuit of cymbal sounds to match trends in music.

The beginnings of the 2002 and its predecessor Giant Beat are intimately related to the early period of Rock music. Up to the 1950s, PAISTE mainly uses Nickel-silver for cymbals.

Around the same time, the world is experiencing the rapid expansion of Rock music, which emerges forcefully from the foundations of Blues, Rock’n Roll, Folk, and Country as the British Invasion takes the stage with bands like the Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Animals, Beatles, Kinks and Who.

The electrified sound they generate is groundbreaking.

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