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Hired by the United States government during the days of the Cold War, he invented a number of weapons systems and devices to be used in the event of a nuclear war. During the course of events, Scarab escaped to fight another day while Andromeda was permanently destroyed.Strange had the foresight to patent many of his inventions, making himself enormously wealthy. Free of Scarab's control, Douglas Strange surrendered.Met with scorn and derision by many of his peers, including Will Magnus (the creator of the Metal Men) Douglas pressed on with his work, without success. He is the creator of the Gauntlet units, the Andromeda android, the M. An extraterrestrial being of unknown origin, Scarab possesses heightened speed, reflexes and strength. The Ghost Pilot captured the spirit of the Flash (who had been visiting Earth-Two) to be his "wingman" in his plot of revenge against the surviving members of 13 Squadron.An extraterrestrial rocket ship crash-landed on their island home soon after, bringing with it a mechanical life-form Douglas dubbed Scarab. jewelry store that he first encountered Hawk I and Dove II. It can reproduce seemingly at will, often shooting its newborn offspring (its 'bytes') as projectiles at its enemies. The villain was actually the spirit of Luther Jarvis, the only casualty of 13 Squadron during World War I.As a teenager, the orphaned Charles Edmund Parker idolized Hawkman.Charley claims that he accidentally gained the same powers as Hawkman from the Mentachem Rod, prime weapon of the Matter Master, Hawkman's arch-enemy.Seeing that his powerful wingman had been overcome, the Ghost Pilot crashed his plane into the Spectre's, destroying himself in the magical conflagration.

After a hard-fought dogfight and a land contest and chase through the heavens, the Spectre defeated the spectral Flash and returned him to his normal form.Even the human voice was too harsh for them to hear, and people working near them were forced to wear special voice dampers.Conversely, the Gloryboys "spoke" by setting up tonal vibrations in their chests and used the amniotic fluid of their sensory deprivation chambers as their vocal chords - this had the effect of causing the brain to release natural panic chemicals into the bloodstream when their "voices" were heard.It also had a split personality bordering between subservient 1950's housewife and a homicidal killer. At Castle Krieg, the aces of 13 Squadron were forced to watch the best of them, The Major, fight an aerial dogfight with the Ghost Pilot, who was being assisted by the spectral Flash. In the castle, Jarvis explained that his vengeance was prompted by his wingmates' cowardice ...a challenge from Baron Von Krieg, the archenemy of the Squadron, had been issued and Jarvis flew to meet him alone and was killed.

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