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But the fishbowl I was in was about to become a lot bigger.When I first moved to Orlando, Florida in the dead of summer, I was discouraged. Back to living with ‘bros’, back to trying to look for a job, back to trying to establish myself but this time in a big city.I was only about 10 or 11 and I recall her being my first crush.

I was enthralled as a kid, as enthralled as a kid growing up in rural, conservative super-white south Michigan could be.I must say, the way the light hits dark skin is something that is beyond words for me.She said that she was very hard to get to orgasm, that of the few she had been with, really only one who led her there.Fast-forward to a few years ago and the tastes inevitably shifted to the whiter side of things because of where I was and who I was. Usually bordering on the hippy type, the more natural the girl, the better.Like anybody, I had abandoned the ideas of ‘crushes’ and traded them for actual romantic endeavors. The idea of her being white, as opposed to another color, never occurred to me at all.

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As the nights went on, she began to not return calls or text. The call center was shut down and I work now for the 1% at a high-class hotel catering to your gambit of bitchy, entitled white rich people.

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