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Generally, the faces are a bit more round and have a very soft and gentle look.On average, the local Norwegian women have athletic and muscular bodies, and can appear to have a few extra pounds on their build.Learn a few words to impress, such as “takk”, “god morgen/god kveld” and” skol”. If you want to practice with native speakers, including good looking Norwegian women, be sure to check this out.

Unlike many other countries, you can simply stick to your normal way of speaking, including humor and whit, without having to change your way of speaking including speaking slower or dumbing down sentences.

Norwegians have a full command on the English language, and you’ll probably even be surprised with some of the words they come up with when in a conversation with them.

I would go as far to say that some Norwegian women can imitate an American conversation so much that it might not be easy to differentiate between speaking with an American girl (minus some of the stupidity) vs. Seemingly, even the older generations are able to speak good English, and you’ll have no issues whatsoever in taxis, conveniences stores, etc.

What the Norwegian women garner in points for their facial beauty, they lose in femininity.

You will not see many girls in high heels or dresses like in Eastern Europe.

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