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I am a Franciscan friar, a member of the religious order of men founded by St. As such I live following the , which outlines a way of life modeled after the Gospel.

A friar is neither a monk nor a secular cleric, but a man who lives in a community of brothers who profess to live with nothing of their own (poverty), without marrying (chastity) and under the direction of their superiors (obedience).

“The fullness of God’s truth was always right in front of me”, his profile told the Catholic Match audience, and he brought those values to his interactions with Natalee.

She immediately noticed the world of difference between dating someone, and dating someone with God in mind.

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Did you or someone you know find love on Catholic Match?

To foster a healthy and meaningful relationship with someone, you must set aside time during which the other person is your focus and your presence to each other takes priority. With all the distractions of life and the pressures of work and society, it seems sometimes nearly impossible and often improbable that time can be made just to be and to be with another.

The difficulty in finding time and space to be present to another seems to occur more frequently in a relationship that is taken for granted or in a complacent relationship that has been relegated to a lower status on one’s priority list.

“We had been pretty disheartened by the big-name sites,” 56-year-old Natalee told Catholic Match.

“I saw the Catholic Match advertisement in my Church bulletin and signed up that day.” As luck—or Divine Providence—would have it, 57-year-old Dave was having that same inspiration around the same time.

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