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While the real me, a 24-year-old woman with no kids, doesn't understand what this might feel like, it triggers some of my own old memories of late night heart-to-hearts with friends. Saying something another character likes will cause them to swoon, with animated hearts and eggplant emojis exploding in the background.

The first step in this weirdly sentimental journey is building your dad character. But if what you say doesn't impress them, angry dark clouds will appear.

I worried about her when she didn't come home until an hour and a half after her curfew.

In one part of the game, I noticed her crying in her room, and couldn't help but sympathize with her and try to think of the right things to say. "The situation got me thinking about my own home life, which has never been exactly nice at many times and I thought about how I struggled to connect with my own father," says Hollie Miller-Calf, a player from Northamptonshire, United Kingdom.

All of her work was completed remotely over lengthy, daily Skype calls.

"I would camp out at a nearby Starbucks — because my apartment had awful Wi Fi — for eight hours or so, whispering about dad butt in the corner," Gray said.

That's not to mention the steep learning curve – handling both artistic direction and the story is something Gray recalls as "pretty grueling." While they had a sizable art team to work with, the narrative design elements were foreign to her.

"I think people assume that dating sims are easy to make, but actually, they are not," Gray said. While most would offer a quick laugh and a subject change, others expressed genuine disbelief or total confusion.

As "Dream Daddy" eventually came together, it was a huge relief for Gray to have video game playtesters and sensitivity readers provide highly positive feedback.

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