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I walk in the kitchen and there's this dirty brown liquid on the floor. You be like is this water wet/does it feel like water? This could be your subconscious expressing that in a dream. I walk back to my bed and then I hear the sound of spraying water. All I was thinking was, "how the hell do I get this flood out of my apartment? I don't know why this dream is sticking with me. My childhood home number was in the ORiole 6 exchange. MAD magazine would occasionally print a parody phone book with satirical exchange names. So my conjectures about the Schweighöfers were irrelevant. Xopher @ #13: the Toronto Sun has long had a tendency to juxtapose a headline with an unrelated photo on its front cover. I'm pretty sure that using letters stopped by sometime in the 1960s, at least in Atlanta.Given the Sun's tendencies, it's frequently a headline about sex crimes with a photo of one or more women in bikinis. I was born in 1963 and would have learned at least my (family's) number by the late '60s; there were no letters in it that I ever heard.I don’t know (and will never know) what these three couples were doing in Vienna that evening in February of 1903, but I kinda wish I were there with them. My parents got a good picture, a sweet picture, and then two ridiculous pictures because they didn't realize how long they'd have to kiss to make them all kissy pictures. "well-born", an honorific title for low-to-middling titled aristos, probably equal "The Honourable Miss Anna Skokan" (is that an initial S? Hansi Niese is also recognizable in her Wiki photo: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hansi_Niese There is no entry for a Schweighöfer of the right age, but there seems to be a long family of actors by that name. But the '0' takes a lot longer to dial on actual dial telephones, so it is very plausible that it was the biggest cities that got the '1' for their area code. Notice the exchange format NNX - that was originally two letters and a digit, where the two letters were part of a more memorable word, e.g.

I was asleep, in my dream, and woke up to a noise in the kitchen. Would make a excellent Reality check for a lucid dream. Maybe the stresses of school and work are overwhelming, or there are some other issues you are worried about. On old-style rotary phones, it is the area code that took the least time to dial, in terms of number of pulses. Stefan Jones #7: I had a friend in NYC whose phone was one of the most likely to be dialed by kids whose parents put the phone lock on the 3. That is, they tried to give nearby cities quite different area codes, to reduce ambiguity. As the numbering space filled up, various techniques were used to get more - Using all the NNs, even if there weren't good mnemonics, which was part of the reason we got rid of the letters in the ? early 70s - Splitting area codes to use more NYXs (they weren't all needed at first.) - Filling up or re-balancing the XXXX and X-XXXX space (more later.) - Allowing NXX exchange codes (which required more modern telephone switches in those area codes) - Allowing NNX area codes (which required more modern switches or complicated hackery everywhere, so that took longer) The silly piece - there were also lots of meetings, mainly in the late 80s, to deal with the problem of "Where do we put the Q and the Z?" - the switches didn't care, it would be irrelevant except people were starting to use touch-tone pads for banking-by-phone and building them into ATMs, and wanted to be able to enter names or text, and putting them in order messed up things like "press the key once for the first letter on it, two for the second, three for the third", so some people advocated putting Q and Z on the 1 instead.When phone switches became electronic and had things like memory in them, many of those constraints went away, and the "1" got repurposed as a country code for North America in international dialing (later for most-of-North-America, because Mexico moved into the Latin American country code zone when it was modernizing.) Back in the early 80s, we were trying to find better ways to connect the government's AUTOVON network to the regular phone network, and I proposed encoding some of the special features into the middle digit of the area code, but fortunately that didn't get adopted.(AUTOVON had another row of touch-tone keys for signalling priority calls, so generals could always get through and majors usually could and enlisted grunts might get dropped if there was an emergency going on or the international trunks were too full, and it had its own separate phone switches located way outside of major cities that might get bombed.) My parents had the same phone number from about 1960-2000, originally with letters, later with numbers, though the black dial wall phone eventually got replaced with a wimpier touch-tone.

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