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One of the reasons that national governments stockpile dollars is to insure against swings in the US economy. A digital currency could dampen the domineering influence of the US dollar on global trade.A new international financial architecture would develop around the new digital currency.Everyone in the upper echelon of global finance knows this.It's the let's-pretend-it-isn't-there heffalump in the vault.But it can easily merge with these physical artefacts in an undetectable manner when expedient. There is an urgent need for fewer humans and more trees. The coverage highlighted a piece of scientific research which first emerged five years ago and which communications executives have been fighting to ignore ever since.There is evidence that mobile phone usage can have an adverse effect on sperm quality.Sometimes, apparently, it is OK to applaud a banker for offering a blinding glimpse of the obvious to close friends.

Each sperm sample was divided into two equal portions, labelled A and B.A remote computer can dial up or dial down both the energy-level of the 5G radiation being deployed and the pulse frequency with which it invisibly zaps its selected targets. Some are suggesting that an old negative extraterrestrial AI system is controlling the human controllers of 5G.The puppet master is an out-of-control, sentient, terraforming AI infestation.The dire debt maths of the USA's public finances, the bankruptcy of the US corporation rogue faction (UNITED STATES, INC.), and the knee-jerk protectionist trade wars being megaphoned from Washington DC can mean only one thing.The US dollar is about to become an ephemeral paper-based bathroom accessory.

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