Error validating nbdb backup in usr openv db staging

Checking Live Update registration for the following products: NB This may take a few minutes. Updating Live Update registration now..may take some time. [[email protected] bin]# The error you get about dhcpd and tftpd is only important when you plan to actually use the network boot modules. Refer to file /tmp/JLU-Log/Java Live on bmrredhatbox for installation details. [Info] V-127-76 Setting up BMR boot server completed successfully.

ad admt aix apache aws azure backup bordermanager cisco cloud config devops dutch edirectory email fiber fix gpo groupwise hardware hyperv idm install itmanagement ldap linux mssql myown netapp netware network notes o365 oracle performance phones redhat scripts security solaris srm storage syslog tools tscitrix unfinished vmware wiki windows zenworks WIKI Disclaimer: As with most other things on the Internet, the content on this wiki is not supported. To use a Red Hat server as a Net Backup Bare Metal Server you can simply activate that service, it is installed by default when you install the Net Backup server or client software. /bin/cp .//usr/openv/java Directory /usr/openv/logs does not exist. Enter license key: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX: Net Backup Server Base product with the following features enabled: Enterprise Vault Agent Open File Backup Remote Client Support Robotic Library Sharing Support Microsoft RSM Robotic Libraries Inline Tape Copy Data Store has been registered. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX: Net Backup features enabled: Enterprise Vault Agent Bare Metal Restore Encryption Open File Backup Encryption (Legacy DES 56-bit) Encryption (Legacy DES 40-bit) Additional clients has been registered. Starting the Net Backup SAN Client Fibre Transport daemon. You can check the registration in the Net Backup Master server: Before you can create a bootable media for restores you'll have to create a Shared Resource Trees.

Creating Directive Set for Lotus Notes Creating Directive Set for MS_Exchange_Mailbox Creating Directive Set for MS_Exchange_Database Creating Directive Set for MS_Exchange_Public_Folders Creating Directive Set for MS_Exchange_Database_Availability_Groups Creating Directive Set for MS_Share Point_Portal_Server Creating Template Set for Oracle_RMAN Creating Template Set for Oracle_XML_Export Creating Template Set for DB2 Creating Directive Set for Windows2003 Creating Directive Set for Windows2008 Creating Directive Set for Enterprise_Vault_7.5 Creating Directive Set for Enterprise_Vault_8.0 Creating Directive Set for Enterprise_Vault_9.0 Creating Directive Set for Enterprise_Vault_10.0 Converting snapshot policies: Policy conversion summary: Number of original policies: 0 Number of non-snapshot policies skipped: 0 Number of policies not needing conversion: 0 Number of policies converted to 'auto' snapshot method: 0 Number of policies converted: 0 Updating client hardware definitions: Hardware update conversion summary: Number of policies processed: 0 Number of policies with affected clients: 0 Number of clients processed: 0 Number of clients converted: 0 Number of Disaster Recovery flags cleared: 0 Starting the Net Backup compatibility daemon. V-128-292 Cannot open "/etc/dhcpd.conf" for input: No such file or directory V-128-577 Error loading "/etc/dhcpd.conf" file. Enter your selection (1-8) [1] : 1 Enter the name of the SRT to create : srtredhat55x86_64 Enter the description of the new SRT : SRT for Red Hat 5.5 on 64bits Enter the desired Red Hat level (3/3.0 or 4/4.0 or 5/5.0) [5.0] : Enter the desired architecture (i686 or x86_64) [x86_64] : Enter the directory in which to place the new SRT [/export/srt] : Creating repository to stow files from distribution media.

Starting the Net Backup database manager process (bpdbm). This is required in order to do BMR network boot based client restore.

[y,n] (y) y The Net Backup and Media Manager software is built for use on LINUX_RH_X86 hardware. Reloading configuration: [ OK ] Converting STREAMS files.

Do you want to install Net Backup and Media Manager files? More details regarding SYMCnbclt can be found in file /tmp/install_cltpkg_trace.5161 on bmrredhatbox.

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