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The cartoon-like illustrations are endearing, funny, and often beautiful. But you have the sense of listening in on the inner dialogue of a soul – one that is innocent, wounded, brave and slightly quirky – rather than intruding or being the recipient of a clunky disclosure.There is a moment of grace and enlightenment near the end of the book (I’m not spoiling any plot) that is both profoundly moving and presents a spiritual insight that is worthy of the contemplative masters, and that I don’t think could have been communicated so effectively in any other medium.It takes a lot for me to say that, as a cinema fanatic; but perhaps there is something in this graphic novel thing. Lia is a Catholic – a devout one: the kind who goes to confession and has nuns for friends – and when she asks God to find her a husband, she really means it.Standing in the middle of Leicester Square, having recently been dumped by email, she looks up at the sky and says: “To cut to the chase, God, I’m going to be 34 in two weeks’ time and if you want me to marry someone you’re going to need to get a bit of a move on.” Does he reply? But she experiences, as people sometimes do, a kind of epiphany. How Lia pulls off what happens next without ever seeming a) repulsively pious or b) stark staring mad, I do not know.Traditionally, in South Asia and the Middle East, older women — often called the “aunties” — and parents recommended matches by drawing upon their extensive networks of family, friends and acquaintances.

It had seemed obvious to me for a long time that any sane person would want […] World Mental Health Day: how can the Catholic Church offer pastoral support to those who need it?While the Exsultet lasts ten minutes, the Byzantine version is […] John Legend, Self-Gift, and the Last Supper When a video has 800 million views on You Tube, it’s probably fair to say that it’s tapping into something pretty deep in our common humanity.John Legend’s love song, ‘All of Me’, is one such […] How to help your children have a solid and lasting faith As a parent one of the most important and enduring gifts we can give our children and grandchildren is a faith in Jesus Christ and his saving power."We are also passionate about offering healthy choices throughout our stores and we appreciate Ms.Thanks."Linda Gobler, president of the Michigan Grocers Association, said this issue appears sporadically, such as when there was a push to get pop vending machines out of schools.“It’s a recycled issue.

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