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I walked home with a mate who remarked how I was “definitely in there”.

Hungover I looked back over some cringey texts (don’t judge me we’ve all done it). Have sympathy though as, at this point (March 2015), I was left on the ropes and wondering if this online dating game was for me…Following my winter failures I turned to Plenty of Fish (Po F). I took a month off dating as my job got seriously busy around the end of tax year.

I will describe how I approached the online dating game with new found ‘confidence’. Two new apps were thrown into the mix and things were about to get interesting…

After a couple of weeks of little to no matches I deleted it. You know the feeling when you can’t help checking your phone at every interval. I told mum I was meeting friends for ‘a couple of beers’. When I saw Mum calling at am I lept out of bed to cancel the call.

This elaborate online courting phase led me to label her ‘The One’ to colleagues. Suspicions aroused, I was later forced to come clean to both parties about my antics. It felt quite couple-y with a number of summer walks and even a date with my sister and her boyfriend (who gave the thumbs up). Unfortunately battle scars from a previous long distance relationship could not be ignored. The summer fling felt like a massive boost and key milestone in moving on from my ex. The ease and speed with which things progressed was a shock after the torturous process involved in some of the earlier rendezvous.

I will refrain from referring to the lovely ladies by name as they don’t have a chance to give their side of the story. Hours of stilted online conversation later it fizzled out.

I thought the term rebound was an unrealistic cliche. After spending a couple of weeks on the ‘all you can eat buffet’ of Tinder swiping, I thought it might be sensible to actually try and meet a girl in person. We got on relatively well and things quickly escalated, first into the local Wetherspoons, followed by All Bar One. Moving into 2015, I was back to square one but had rebounded.

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I remember vividly calling one of my best friends a few months after the break up and arguing with him. I started the story as a neither unattractive nor a particularly good looking 24-year old male.

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